c002-40ft, 3 x bedroom, bathroom/laundry unit


40ft design home: 12m x 2.4m

3 x bedroom, bathroom/laundry unit

Model: C002

40ft, 3 x bedroom, bathroom/laundry unit


  • Beds; large drawer, king single mattress
  • Robes; twin door and drawer
  • Chests; 2-drawer and top load storage box
  • Desks; 2-drawer
  • Directors chairs
  • Book shelves
  • 32” Televisions; wall mounted
  • Integrated air conditioners
  • Shower units
  • Vanity units
  • full basins, mirrored cabinets
  • Duel flush toilets
  • Towel rails, toilet roll holders, coat hooks, floor drains
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Switches – Power points
  • Down lights
  • Timber floors
  • Matinence free melamine walls
  • Aluminium ceiling slat grid system
  • Aluminium double glazed sliding windows
  • Metal clad timber doors
  • Integrated power system; solar panels, wind turbines, petrol generator
  • Fully self contained sewage water treatment filtration system
  • 1000L clean water storage tank



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