manual tilt

  • Car 5m (16.6×6.6ft) Manual Tilt Car/Bobcat Trailer ATM 3500kg


    Price Includes: Hydraulic Tilt Tray Flatbed, Ramp not required, Built in Winch 5500kg (12000lbs) to deck of trailer, Toolbox Galvanized with 1x Deep Cycle Gel Battery and 12 inch Electric Brakes.

    Ex Brisbane Price


    Transport to be quoted.

    • Price is for the Trailer Only – Cage in Photo is for Illustration Purposes Only.

    On-site Registration is available, along with other Options of Cage, Ramps, Racks, Spare Tyre and Bracket– see below

    Choose Added Extras required – to view Total Price and you can click on “Add to Cart” to Order and we will be in Contact with you, as soon as possible or you can Call us on 0427831625.

    Available on back orders

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